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Kanoodle Search Engine: Get $5 in free clicks
with no deposit and no commitment

Kanoodle Pay Per Click Search Engine
Review, Promotions and Special Offer

Kanoodle - founded in 1999, with headquarters in Amherst, NY - offers an excellent supplement to the larger pay per click search engines, plus some unique content-targetting opportunities.  Kanoodle's search results show up in many popular meta search engines such as dogpile, CNET's Search.com and MetaCrawler.  However, Kanoodle's greater strength lies in its ContextTarget program, where you can get your listings on popular high traffic content-rich Web sites that are directly related to your product or service offerings.

Kanoodle Special Offer:

Get $10 in free Clicks!

Context is King...

We all know that having your listings appear when users search on keywords related to your business is critical.  But what about getting your message in front of people who may not be searching with these keywords, but still have a need for your products?  Wouldn't it be nice to show up on the Web sites that these prospective users are visiting every day, such as Quicken.com, CBSMarketWatch.com, MSNBC.com and other high traffic content-rich sites? This is exactly what Kanoodle's ContextTarget program offers. 

For just pennies per click, you can get your message and Web site in front of millions of prospective customers.  And unlike other content-based distribution vendors, Kanoodle allows you to select the specific categories where your listing should appear, rather than letting the search engine company decide which sites are most relevant to your keywords.

CBS Marketwatch screen captured shoing Kanoodle "Sponsored Links"
Kanoodle "sponsored links" appear on search engines such as dogpile.com and also on targeted content sites such as CBS Market Watch (shown above) and Quicken.com

Sign Up for a Free Trial to Sample Kanoodle's high quality targeted Traffic:

Signing up for Kanoodle is simple and by signing up here you can get $10 in free Clicks.  With this offer, there is no commitment and no minimum deposit.  It is a true free trial of Kanoodle's high quality targetted traffic. If at the end of your free trial, you'd like to keep using Kanoodle to drive targeted traffic to your web site, you can do so by depositing as little as $50. 

To supplement your Kanoodle listings, also consider setting up pay per click accounts on Overture, FindWhat, Search123 and Enhance Interactive. Each of these PPC search engines offers unique advantages and can help you get maximum exposure for your message at a very low cost per click.

Web-Search-Engines.com can also set up and manage your entire pay per click effort, doing extensive keyword research, writing up powerful impactful ad copy and managing your costs within your specific budget. For more details, tailored to your specific environment, please fill out our information request form.

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