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MIVA PPC Search Engine: Get $10 in free clicks
Up to 200 leads for free

MIVA Pay Per Click Search Engine
Review, Promotions and Special Offer

MIVA (formerly FindWhat) - founded in 1998, with headquarters in Ft. Myers, Florida - provides targeted pay-per-click listings beginning at only 5 cents per click.  MIVA's search results show up in popular meta search engines such as dogpile, CNET's Search.com, Mamma.com and InfoSpace.  Because MIVA does not enjoy as wide a distribution as the "big boys" (Google and Yahoo), keyword listings are less competitive, which means you can attract targeted visitors to your site for just a few pennies per click, where the same keywords may cost several dollars or more on the larger PPC engines.


MIVA Special Offer:

Get $10 in free Clicks!

Strike While the Proverbial Iron is Hot...

Tier II pay-per-click engines like MIVA are attracting more advertisers every day, so it's best not to delay in setting up a campaign with them.  Keywords that may cost a few cents per click now could cost much more in a few weeks as more advertisers come on board.  So set up your campaign today and you will begin to enjoy more qualified prospects, and ultimately, more business  once your ads are approved by FindWhat's relevance experts. 

Also, MIVA's anti-fraud software prevents you from being charged for illegimate clicks to your site from automated spiders and other suspicious sources.  You pay only for real clicks through to your site.  

CNET's Search.com is one of many places where FindWhat results appear.
CNET's Search.com is one of many places where
MIVA results appear for just pennies a click. 

Get a 20% bonus on your initial deposit of $50

Signing up for MIVA is simple and by signing up here you can get $10 in free clicks!  This amounts to up to 200 free visitors to your site.  With this offer, the minimum deposit is just $50 and there is no further commitment. 

To supplement your FindWhat listings, also consider setting up pay per click accounts on Overture, Kanoodle, Search123 and Enhance Interactive. Each of these PPC search engines offers unique advantages.  Advertising on all of these search engines helps you get maximum exposure for your message at a very low cost per click.

Web-Search-Engines.com can also set up and manage your entire pay per click effort, doing extensive keyword research, writing up powerful impactful ad copy and managing your costs within your specific budget. For more details, tailored to your specific environment, please fill out our information request form.

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